Tears SMS To Melt Your Heart

Tears SMS is a perfect way to understand the importance of tears in life. Whatever be the situation, extreme happiness, too much sadness, success, emotional outburst, overwhelming moment or just a simple memory of days gone by, each emotion brings with it tears that are precious beyond all tangible assets. Tears SMS in this collection are crafted to glorify every emotion that brings tears to your eyes. Share these Tears SMS with people you are emotionally connected to and strengthen the bond of your relationship instantly. Sometimes too much laughter is a reason of tears and so we have SMS that will make you laugh so hard you won’t be able to control your tears. Whatever the reason be, these Tears SMS will touch your heart and make you smile. As you share these tears SMS you will feel wonderful inside because you are not just sharing an SMS, you are sharing that overwhelming joy one can’t contain in the heart and it comes out in form of tears.

A Line That Very

A Line That Very Few Understand … Tears Don’t Come When You Miss A Person But It Comes When You Don’t Want To Miss A Person..

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Do you know who

Do you know who is the best couple
in this universe?
Rarely they meet, but if they meet
that will be the most Happiest Moment of life.

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Every tear is a

Every tear is a sign of brokenness,
Every silence is a sign of loneliness,
Every smile is a sign of kindness,
Every sms is a sign of remembrance

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I Am Sorry My

I Am Sorry My Tears
because I Have Trapped You ,
Whenever You Wanted To Flow
I Have Always Stopped You

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I hide my tears

I hide my tears when I say your name, but the pain in my heart is still the same.
Although I Smile and Seem Carefree, there is noone Who misses you more than ME

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If I were to

If I were to be anything in this world I would be your tears… So, I can be
conceived in your heart, born in your eyes, live on your cheeks and die on your lips

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If you can t

If you can’t cry, try talking
If you can’t talk, say nothing

but sometimes talking can bring on the tears
and tears say what you can’t.

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Keep the smile Leave

Keep the smile,

Leave the tear,

Think of joy,

Forget the fear,

Hold the laugh,

Leave the pain,

Be joyous till I sms again.

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May be I am

May be I am wrong but the Person who Loves You, will Fight with You more
if You drop a tear he will Fight the world to Stop Your tears…

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On a Silent night

On a Silent night when friends are few
I close my eyes and think of You
A Silent night,
A Silent tear,
A Silent wish that U were Here.

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So Many Hands In

So Many Hands In 1 Tiffin

So Many Friends In 1 Bench

So Many Calls On 1 Birthday Night

So Many Tears For 1 Little Fight
Friends are the best part of our life

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Tears Is A Love

Tears Is A Love Detecter.

When Someone Makes You Cry It Shows

How Much You Love Them

And If Someone Crys

For You It Shows Their Love For You

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The tears are never

The tears are never far from my eyes
Their appearance comes as no surprise.

In an instant the full well leaks
And tears slide silently down my cheeks.

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There is a tear

There is a tear embedded in my heart
A lonely tear so cold and so dark

A tear is embedded and taken hold
A lonely tear fills my poor empty soul.

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When A Person Cries

When A Person Cries Due To Happiness
The 1st Drop Of Tears Comes From The Right Eye.
When It 1st Comes From The Left,
Its Pain

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Whenever you wantto know

Whenever you want
to know how rich you are?
Don’t count your money!
just drop a tear &
look around at the
number of hands that
reach out to wipe your tears

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