Reply Me SMS That Work

Reply Me SMS to share with friends who have forgotten to keep in touch and have drifted away with time and distance. Any Reply Me SMS from this collection is a stark remainder to your friends who are so stuck in the daily rut, sending a simple SMS to friends has become impossible. Each SMS in this collection is crafted with the right amount of humor, emotion and love to make sure it reaches the heart of the other person instantly. Friendship is a relationship that blossoms with time and companionship. Maintain all your beautiful friends by sending them a Reply Me SMS every once in a while. Let them know that even if they are busy in their lives, you are constantly thinking of them. These Reply Me SMS texts are scripted with such smartness, you are sure to get a reply from the person you are sending these SMS to.

Autograph Please ____________________________________________________________________________Write There

Autograph Please:
Write There Any Special Words For Me.
Reply Must Please.

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Everyday I Wait for

Everyday I Wait for your Msg,
But everyday you forget.
From now onwards If any day you forget,
I’ll jump from
Stop smiling, I’m serious

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Fill This Sweet SentenceI

Fill This Sweet Sentence

I like your …. but I dont like your …. ?

Be honest
Reply is must

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If I am an

If I am an actor
then according to you
Which actress will suit me the best?
Reply fast

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If I gave you

If I gave you a Permission to ask me one question

What would you ask?

Reply is Must I’m waiting

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If you appreciate 3

If you appreciate 3 things in me,
What are they?
1 Smile
2 Eyes
3 Looks
4 Nature
5 Attitude
6 Personality
7 Voice
8 Simplicity
9 Heart
10 Clothes
Reply is must.

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If you could say

If you could say one last thing to me in life

What would you say?

Reply is Must. I am waiting to hear

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My Hands Never Have

My Hands Never Have Pain
When Typing SMS For You,
But My Heart Is Always
In Pain When There Is No Reply For Me.

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Pink Sweet heart Blue

Pink: Sweet heart,
Blue: Best friend,
Red: love you,
Black: enemy,
Yellow: someone special,
Green: Forever Friend.
What is my color in your life.
Reply Must..

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Say something that puts

Say something that puts a smile on my face
Reply Must!

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Send me the 6th

Send me the 6th msg of your Inbox,
Whatever it is
No cheating!
Send this sms to your friends
But reply me first

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1. Person:
2. Film:
3. Song:
4. Incident:
5. Wonder:
6. Place:
7. Moment:
8. Gift:

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Using the 1st letter

Using the 1st letter of your name, say one word about Me.
Send it to all your friends and get unexpected replies.
But First Reply Me.

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What title will you

What title will you give me?
1. King of hearts
2. Rude dude
3. Beautiful soul
4. Proudy
5. Centre of attraction
6. Dream b0y
7. Angry felow
8. Mr atitude
9. Busy prsnality
10. Great person
11. Truely Sincere
12. Close to heart
13. Boring nature
14. Pretty looks
15. friend for life
reply MusT

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When I send a

When I send a text to you it means I want a reply! When I receive a text back from you it means a lot to me! Please reply me!

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Which one thing kills

Which one thing kills a strong relationship?
1. Ego
2. Anger
3. Doubts
4. Misunderst andings
5. Lack of understand ings
6. Reminding the past mistakes of eachother.
7. Other

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