Keep Smiling SMS

Keep Smiling SMS to bring a smile on the face of your friends who are bored, stressed and upset. There are so many reasons to pull us down, but one Keep Smiling SMS can brighten up the day and plant a million dollar smile on every face. Keep Smiling SMS is a small step to bring up the cheer and let people know that life is not as tough as they think. Share these Keep Smiling SMS with everyone and bless them with thoughts that will not just motive them, but will also make them realize how important it is to stay happy.

A smile gives red

A smile gives red colour to your cheeks,
White to your teeth,
Pink colour to your lips,
Silver colour to your eyes,
So keep smiling
enjoy the colors of life

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A smile is like

A smile is like a Sim card and Life is like a cellphone Whenever You insert the Sim card of a smile, A beautiful day is Activated
Good morning and Keep smiling

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Be happy and always

Be happy and always wear a smile, not only because life is full of reasons to smile
but your smile is itself a reason 2 smile.
So keep smiling.

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Don t cry because

Don’t cry because it is over,
Smile because it happened.
Keep Smiling.

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Dream makes everything possible

Dream makes everything possible,
Hope makes everything work,
Love makes everything beautiful,
Smile makes all the above.
So always Smile.

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Enter the name ofwho

Enter the name of
who you want to kill

What me?
I am not
I am already
your SMILE
Keep Smiling.

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Girl was sitting with

Girl was sitting with her boyfriend
Boy: You are the 2nd most beautiful girl I have ever seen.
Girl: Who is the 1st?
Boy: Its you. When you smile!
Keep Smiling

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I have had a

I have had a really bad day and
It always makes me feel better to see a pretty girl smile.
So, would you smile for me?

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Keep smilingAndOne day life

Keep smiling
One day life will
Get tired of upsetting

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Keep the smile leave

Keep the smile, leave the tear,
Think of joy, forget the fear,
Hold the laugh, leave the pain,
Be joyous dear till we meet again.

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Life is very short

Life is very short so..
Break silly rules,
Forgive quickly,
Love truly,
Laugh loudly and Never avoid anything that makes YOU smile.

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Life may bring failure

Life may bring failure, hardships, tears and lots of pain…
But don’t forget to smile, because there’s rainbow after rain. Keep Smiling.

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Night has ended for

Night has ended for another day,
Morning has come in a special way.
May you smile like the sunny rays and leave your worries for some other day.
Keep Smiling.

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On this cold cold

On this cold cold nite,
In my small small room,
I look at the bright stars in the dark sky
Dream of your sweet smile on your cute face!
Smile Please!

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People may not remember

People may not remember exactly what you did or what you said,
But they wil always remember how you made them feel.
So Keep Smiling to make them feel good.

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S Set you free

S- Set you free,
M- Makes you Special,
I- Increases your face Value,
L- Lifts up your Sprits,
E- Erases all your Tensions

So keep SMILE On Your Face

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Smile is a language

Smile is a language of love.
Smile is a way to get success,
Smile is to win the hearts.
Smile improves your personality.

So Keep Smiling!

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Smile is complete when

Smile is complete when it begins with lips,
Reflects in your eyes and
Ends on your face.
KEEP SMILING because it suits you.

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Some times when I

Some times when I am all alone.
I close my eyes and think of you
and the thought of your love
makes me smile.
So much so, people start thinking I am mad.

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The world does not

The world does not needs
more mountains to climb,
more seas to cross
more stars to shine,

What the world needs is
More of you and your smiles.
Keep Smiling.

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ThroughP R A Y

P R A Y E R S,

GOD hears more then you say,
HE answers more then you ask,
HE gives more then you desire.
All HE needs is your Smile.
Keep smiling.

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Today is MCPS DAY

Today is MCPS DAY,
MCPS means Make Cute People Smile,
I have done my part now you should send it to all your cute friends.
and make them smile,

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Which is the longest

Which is the longest word in English?

because there is a ‘mile’ gap between S and S. So keep smiling forever.

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You are CARELESS You

You come and leave things behind!
See now what you have left!
You just came in my mind and left behind a SMILE on MY face.

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