Everyday SMS Greetings

Everyday SMS Greetings that can sent without any reason to people who matter. Choose from a collection of the most inspiring and heart warming everyday sms sprinkled with humor, love and goodness. No matter who you send these everyday sms to, you are surely going to touch that heart out there.

A New Day Is

A New Day Is A New Blessing.
Dont Let Yesterday’s
Failures Ruin The Beauty Of
Today. Today Has Its Own
Promise Of Love, Forgiveness,
Joy & Success. Enjoy It.

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Everyday Everywhere Every time

Every time,
I may not be with you..
My love
My care
My heart
My prayers
Shall always protect you.

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Everyday is a new

Everyday is a new day
To go out and discover
A new dream to fulfill
A new challenge to uncover
Have a wonderful day

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Everyday starts with some

Everyday starts with some expectation But Everyday ends with some experience. Have a great day.

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I Want To Be

I Want To Be The Reason
For Your Smile
I Want To Be The Reason For
Happiness In Your Heart,
Spring In Your Step And
The Song On Your Lips. Today And Everyday

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Just For YouMust For

Just For You
Must For You
First For You

Nothing To Wish
Nothing To Say

Always Be Happy
Is All I Pray

Have A Nice Day
Today And Everyday

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Let Wind Blow Away

Let Wind Blow Away Your Sadness
Let Rain Wash Away Your Worries
Let Sun Bring You Warmth Hope And Happiness Everyday
Have A Nice Day.

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Smile Is Electricity AndLife

Smile Is Electricity And
Life Is Battery. Whenever
You Smile The Battery Gets
Charged And A Beautiful
Day Is Activated. So Keep
Smiling. Have A Great Day

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