Hello SMS To Begin Relationships

Hello SMS to start a friendship that could lead to a lifelong companionship. Choose from a collection of the most interesting yet simple Hello SMS texts that can be sent to strangers or acquaintance you wish to befriend. Many new stories start with a simple Hello, so pick up your phone and scroll through the most creative and impressive Hello SMS Greetings. Start a new relationship with an SMS right away.

A simple HELLOcan be

A simple HELLO
can be so sweet…

H= How are you?

E= Every thing ok?

L= Like to see you

L= love to hear from you

O=Obviously I Miss you!



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A warm hello doesn

A warm “hello” doesn’t come from the lips
it comes from the heart, doesn’t have to be old
it has to be shown, doesn’t have to be given, it has to be sent.

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Big HelloooOO to my

Big ‘HelloooOO’ to my sweet lovin milky honey cheez juicy and spicy FRIEND

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Days are empty when

Days are empty when I dont hear somthing from you.
Just a simple hello and my worries are through.
why I feel this? I think I have a clue.
I am glad I have a friend like you.

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Days are too busy

Days are too busy, hours are too few,
seconds are too fast but there is always
a time for me to say hello and good luck
for a friend like you. Smile and enjoy life!

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Hello What s wrong

Hello! What’s wrong with your mobile?
Tried so many times
but Every time I call it says:
The subscriber your are trying to reach is in your heart!

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I am hurting so

I am hurting so bad, but I don’t want to show it.
I need to learn how to let go…before I invite a brand new hello.

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I don t know

I don’t know how people can fake whole relationships.
I can’t even fake a hello to somebody I don’t like!

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I wanted to help

I wanted to help put
A smile on your face today.
So, before I got all tied up
In another busy day
I just had to send you a

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If you re brave

If you’re brave to say ‘goodbye,’ life will reward you with a ‘hello.’

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She had me in

She had me in a trance, at the simple word of hello.
Even though I’d never told her, she’d always known.

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There are many questions

There are many questions but answers are very few
that’s why I ask you only a question
Hello, How are you?

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There s Hell in

There’s Hell in hello and Good in Goodbye.
That’s why you shouldn’t be afraid of goodbye, but careful with hello.

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Those sparkling eyes That

Those sparkling eyes,
That amazing face,
A 100 watt smile,
The enthusiastic stride,
The cheerful talk,
Charming personality
I am still the same. How Are You?

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With atomic and meteoric

With atomic and meteoric regards,
My volcanic impulse trembles every time
I say Hello to a person with a magnitude of
Character and charm like you.

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You ll know that

You’ll know that you miss someone when every time you think of that person,
your heart breaks into pieces and just a quick “Hello” from that person can bring the broken pieces back.

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