Busy SMS For Busy People

Busy SMS to let your friends know that relationships matter inspite of the busy schedules and ongoing struggles. If your friend is busy, send him or her these busy messages and see their heart melt instantly.

Boys are the most

Boys are the most busy
generation in the world…
1 hand on stearing,
1 hand on gear.
1 ear on music,
1 ear on mobile.
1 eye on road,
1 eye on girls.
Nose on breath
mouth on cigarette.
What a busy nation.

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Busy Life Makes Prayers

Busy Life Makes Prayers Harder,
But Prayers Make A Hard And Busy Life Easier.
So Keep Praying . . . .

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Days are too busy

Days are too busy,
Hours are too fast,
Seconds too few,
but there’s always time
for me to remember
a nice friend like you

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Go my sms go

Go my sms go to my FRIEND…
Go slowly…
Don’t make noise…
If my FRIEND is busy..
Don’t say anything. If he is free then.
say with love I MISS You VERY MUCH.

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I don t have

I don’t have time
to hate people
who hate me.
Because I’m too busy
loving people
who love me.

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I dont blame you

I dont blame you for being busy…
I blame the time for moving so slowly…
I miss you!

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I know there is

I know there is lot of work
And I know you are super busy
But replying to a simple message
Is not a big deal, its quite easy

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i thought You are

“i thought You are very busy
so dint disturb u”
This is the main reason behind most broken friendships…
so keep disturbing your friends as i did!

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In this busy world

In this busy world of people
I am glad I have you as a friend
Who has always been there for me
From beginning to the end

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Life is busyWe all

Life is busy
We all know
Yet make a difference
Whereever you go

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Network busy number busyNo

Network busy, number busy
No signal, massage not sent
Remeber friends who matter to you
Because time spent is better than money well spent.

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No matter how busy

No matter how busy a person is,
if they care, they will always
find the time for you.

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Sensible Lines By A

Sensible Lines By A Smoker To His Girl Friend:

“If You Don’t Wanna See Me Smoking,
Then You Better Find Other Ways
To Keep My Lips Busy..” 😉

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Why Smart People Always

Why Smart People Always Say.

They are Busy
Think ?

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You don t send

You don’t send an sms nor do you call
I think you have zero balance
Take this recharge card


Scratch the code yourself

I am busy

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You May Be Busy

You May Be Busy,
With Lots Of Works.
But You Have 1440 Minutes Per Day
Atleast For 1 min
Think That A Sweet Friend Of Your’s
Is Waiting For Your SMS
Missing You

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