About Us

What is HighOnSMS?
As the name suggests, IT IS getting High On SMS!!!
Give expressions to your thoughts through a greeting, read some quick stress-buster tips when you can’t handle that boss of yours, pick up a love shayari and send it to your special someone, read a quote and motivation shall follow…in short, get HighOnSms anytime, anywhere, anyway.

Thousands of messages, handpicked, categorised and published simply to keep you informed and entertained all the way. Whatever time of day or night, whenever you visit our website, be rest assured to get your awesome dose of instant energy. In this world of constant chaos and confusions, here is something that is simple to read, share and enjoy. Be it a cute birthday greeting for your teenaged niece or a home remedy for toothache; find all two penny advices to million dollar answers as you get HighOnSms.

Now the question is, why SMS?
And the answer is…because it’s quick!

Rather than reading long theories and thesis, blogs and bookish bombardments, we thought of giving you something clean, simple and short.

Most of our messages are below 160 characters, so that you can share them easily and browse them on your phone too.

Categories? What’s that?
Well, that’s a wonderful world in itself!

Shayari, Tips, Quotes by Famous People, Birthday-Wedding-Festive Greetings, Jokes, Status Messages, One Liners, Devotional Messages, Fun Facts and (In Vidya Balan’s seducing voice) Entertainment!!! Entertainment!!!Entertainment!!!

If your mood is gloomy, jokes are recommended. If you are feeling romantic, love tips are prescribed and if you are plain bored, Amazing Facts is your solution. Every SMS is sure to fall in the perfect mould of your mood and refresh you time and again.

What’s the bonus?
We knew you would ask that! Every smart person does.

Well the bonus is HighOnSms Android mobile apps. You will go crazy enjoying them. And the bonus is all the attention and love you are going to get after sharing these messages. And the bonus is that (more expensive than all IPL teams) smile of yours.

Go on, get HighOnSms. It’s totally worth it!!!